About Us

Brain Restoration Wellness Center

Our Center is located at Covington La. 70433. The Center provides nutrition-based medically supervised treatment for men and women from all walks of life who suffer from various addictions, PTSD, chronic or acute stress, anxiety and depression.


Our mission at Brain Restoration Wellness Center Is to effectively and compassionately treat patients who are suffering from certain mental illnesses, disorders and chemical and psychological dependencies using the NAD Program. In short, we want to help them “get their mind right.”

What is NAD Treatment ?

NAD Treatment is a detoxification and brain restoration protocol that involves the coordinated, integrated use of intravenous and oral nutritional supplements (amino acids and vitamin metabolites, including co-factors) to help restore brain function. The program is administered by physicians and nurses using established therapeutic approaches to detoxification, as well as traditional methods for treating various disorders.


We are a team of licensed professionals dedicated to helping each patient succeed in the NAD Treatment. Our staff includes physicians, counselors, therapists and nurses, all working to ensure the long-term recovery and health of each patient.