“Brain Restoration, or NAD Treatment, provides the essential biochemical and neurohormonal components needed for the successful treatment of addiction, depression and stress disorders.  Simply put, NAD Treatment gives the body the nutrients it needs to restore normal cellular function.  We now have the right tool and process to effectively detox patients while minimizing their withdrawal symptoms. We can stop the craving for their drug of choice!  With NAD Treatment, we have crossed a threshold for treating addiction and possibly other debilitating mental health diseases.”

Medical Director, BRWC

“During my 24 years as a nurse, I have seen patients detox violently in the acute care setting, only to go back out and use again, exposing their brains to more damage.  This is so disheartening for the patient and their loved ones!  Then I observed patients detoxing with NAD Treatment ….  a very mild process during which patients endure, at most, stomach upset or muscular rigidity, which are easily treated.  In addition, the treatment appears to reboot and restore brain function to the client’s optimal level of brain health, giving them the clarity of mind to begin their journey to recovery.  Many have no desire or craving to use again.”

Director of Nursing, BRWC

“I have worked in the addiction and mental health field for more than 25 years.  When I learned about the work being done using NAD Treatment at BRWC, I was amazed! NAD Treatment is a safe, natural treatment that heals the brain and allows an individual to overcome substance addictions and certain mental illnesses.  Treatment is conducted in a safe, supportive environment where individuals are treated with respect and dignity.”

Licensed Addictions Counselor, BRWC

“I fought drug abuse and addiction for 40 years. I was medically detoxified numerous times, was arrested, overdosed and revived three times, attended years of AA and several rehab programs. I even did 3 years of prison time as a result of my addictions. I was very skeptical that NAD Treatment could help me. It took me more than a year to finally agree to the treatment. I have been clean and sober for almost 4 1/2 years. God bless these people and God bless this treatment!”
Mark Durel
Former addict, now CEO of BRWC