Your brain can be restored! Patients admitted to the Brain Restoration Wellness Center can expect the following.

Basic Treatment

A medical release with current lab results from the patient’s primary care physician is required prior to treatment.

An intake assessment is conducted at the Center by a clinically trained staff person. This includes assessing the patient’s medical history and reviewing blood tests in order to determine an individualized treatment plan. Treatment is then scheduled.

The medical staff administers the NAD Treatment in an individually formulated dosage based upon the patient’s medical history. The protocol for addiction treatment is typically eight to ten days, up to 10 hours a day, but may run longer for certain drug or drug-combination addictions. The protocol for PTSD and other depression and anxiety disorders is generally only four days.

Individual and/or family therapy is a valuable part of treatment, depending upon the patient’s history and needs. Typically, therapy with a licensed mental health professional begins on or after the third day of the start of the BR+ process.

Following discharge from the program, patients return to the Center for 30, 60 and 90 day follow-up assessments.

NOTE: Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis—patients do not stay overnight at Brain Restoration Wellness Center. However, the program includes room and board during each patient’s stay at a luxurious and fine dining hotel in New Orleans, La. Transportation between the two sites is provided daily.